Why Trucks are unsung heroes of the U.S

Trucks & Trailers; We see them on the road, hauling heavy loads cruising sedately not participating in the chaotic race that we used to do every day(The good old, Pre-COVID days!). But did you know that trucks alone move almost 80% of all freight in the U.S and more than 7% of all full-time jobs in the nation are in the trucking industry? The fact of the matter is, the United States is hugely dependent on the trucking industry, which is so huge that it generates hundreds of billions of dollars in annual revenue.

Believe it or not, Trucks form an integral part of everyone’s lives. It is one of the most crucial components that act as the lifeblood of any industry. All the conveniences that we have come to enjoy rely on these heavyweights 24-hours-a-day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, catering to the nation’s demand for goods and services. Remove them from the roads, and shop shelves would be empty, food and water shortages would ensue, trash would pile up, even fuel wouldn’t get delivered to petrol stations. And it’s not like it would take a long time for this to happen, experts predict that most stores would start running out just 3 days after long haul trucks stop working, which is shocking as it might seem like supplies on supermarket stores are boundless, always there when you need them. So in short, Life, as we know, would come to a complete standstill in as little as 3 days without trucks.

Even today, as we fight the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, It is becoming more and more apparent how important Trucks are to the comfort and safety of our everyday lives. Whether it is our groceries, cleaning or sanitization products, they are the reason we have access to it.

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At a time when most of us are getting on with work from the comfort of our home, Trucks and Truck Drivers are continuing with their duties as they always have, ensuring essential supplies. fleets offer a lifeline for the delivery of products and goods to those unable or unwilling to leave their homes. As our nation gears up to tackle the challenging times ahead, we must recognize the vital role of trucks in maintaining society’s most essential functions. Please consider, while we are home and keeping our families safe and comfortable, they are putting our needs before their own and those long hours and hard work deserve our respect and appreciation.

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