Best Class 8 Trucks: A Guide to the Top 5 Manufacturers in the US

The trucking or Transportation Industry has been a significant contributor to the economy of the US. It is said that about 70% of the freight in the country is transported by Trucks across State borders. This country depends on Trucks for their food, medicines, raw materials, and other household essentials. Trucks have been an integral part of industries like Logistics, Healthcare, Construction, Manufacturing, Science & Technology, etc. With trucks playing an important role in meeting daily necessities, it’s really important to make sure the machines are built durable and powerful enough to do the hard yards.

The trucking Industry in general, uses heavy-duty trucks to transport goods from Point A to Point B. These heavy-duty trucks are classified under Class 8 vehicles. Here we look at a few manufacturers who put their work into creating the best and mean machines to counter all kinds of roads and weather.

What are Class 8 Trucks?

Class 8 trucks are the largest and most powerful trucks on the road. They are used for long-haul trucking, heavy construction, and other demanding applications. The US market for Class 8 trucks is highly competitive, with a few major manufacturers dominating the market.

Top Class 8 Truck Manufacturers in the US



Freightliner Trucks, founded in 1929, is a semi-truck manufacturer in the US. Now owned by Daimler Trucks North America, is the largest Truck manufacturer in the US. Freightliner takes the lead with a market share of 37%. These trucks are known especially for their durability and reliability and hence they become the most loved machines for the US Trucking community. Freightliner is commonly known for the production of Class 8 Trucks however, they offer models like Full-sized vans, Medium-Duty Trucks, etc.


Peterbilt Motor Company, established in 1939 had been in production of Class 8 Heavy-Duty and Class 5-7 Medium-Duty Trucks. Peterbilt operates under the parent company PACCAR and is headquartered in Denton TX. With a market share of 15%, Peterbilt grabs the 2nd spot in the Top 5 truck manufacturers in the US. Their trucks can be easily identified by a “Bird”-like hood ornament. As they celebrate over eight decades of success, Peterbilt remains committed to driving excellence in transportation.


Kenworth Truck Company established in 1923, has been around for a century now. Operating under the parent company PACCAR, Kenworth Truck Company holds a market share of 14% while offering Class 8 Heavy-Duty trucks and Class 5-7 Medium Duty Trucks. Furthermore, Kenworth’s emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives underscores its vision for a greener future. As the industry evolves, Kenworth continues to pave the way, setting the standards for superior quality and performance in the heavy truck market.


Volvo Trucks is a Swedish Truck Manufacturing company, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. Volvo has two production facilities in the US, one in Macungie PA, and the other one in Dublin VA. Volvo Trucks holds a market share of 10% in the US market. Renowned for its commitment to safety, efficiency, and sustainability, Volvo Trucks has earned a reputation as a trusted partner for businesses and truck drivers across the nation. They are best known for their creative advertisements showcasing the ability of their trucks to the people.


For over a century, Mack Trucks has been an emblem of strength and dependability on the roads. Established in 1900, this American brand has left an indelible mark on the trucking industry. Renowned for its iconic bulldog logo, Mack Trucks has consistently delivered vehicles with unwavering performance and durability. They are currently owned by The Volvo Group and hold a market share of 6% in the Truck manufacturer’s market.



In conclusion, the trucking industry and its Class 8 trucks play a crucial role in the US economy, transporting essential goods and materials across the country. The top manufacturers in the US, including Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Volvo, and Mack Trucks, have proven their mettle in producing durable, reliable, and powerful machines that meet the demands of various industries. These manufacturers have not only contributed significantly to the growth of the transportation sector but have also driven innovation in safety, efficiency, and sustainability. All these manufacturers have been actively working towards a change to producing electric trucks that would serve the same purpose that their diesel counterparts had been serving for over a century. With Dial EnSearch you can always search for a Truck Repair shop that would help you to get back on the road or to help you with routine maintenance to avoid any calls for a repair.


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