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Warehousing Pro

Warehousing Pro

Warehousing Pro
2600 Hart St, Nashville, TN 37207
Posted on: 04/16/2024
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Warehousing Pro

Trusted, safe and affordable

Warehousing Pro streamlines your business logistics through our full suite of services. From picking and packing to cross-docking, our solutions are tailored to meet your business’s unique needs with accuracy, efficiency and cost savings.

Whether you’re a growing company or an established enterprise, you can depend on Warehousing Pro for practical, reliable, and scalable solutions that help your business achieve operational excellence.

800-661-WPRO (9776)

✓      Loading Dock Accessibility
✓      24-Hour Availability
✓      Month-To-Month Service Options
✓      Cross Docking in Nashville
✓      Local And Nationwide Fulfilment
✓      Seasonal Storage
✓      Load Reworking
✓      Top-Notch Customer Service
✓      Easy Payment Methods


  • Pick and Pack
    Our pick-and-pack services simplify order fulfillment for businesses such as eCommerce stores, wholesalers, drop shippers and retailers. We streamline the selection and packing process, ensuring your customers receive precisely what they ordered in good condition. This service optimizes your operations and helps boost customer satisfaction.
  • Kitting and Assembly
    Our kitting and assembly service is ideal for businesses with intermittent kitting and assembly needs, such as curating holiday bundles or gift baskets. We simplify the process of gathering and packaging multiple items into a single kit, saving you time, maximizing your resources and enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • Third-party Logistics (3PL)
    Rely on Warehousing Pro for top-notch Third-Party Logistics (3PL) services. From warehousing to inventory management, pick and pack, order fulfillment, transportation, and customer service, we offer a complete solution. Whether you’re a traditional business or expanding into e-commerce, our tailored services ensure efficient supply chain management for your unique needs.
  • Subscription Boxes
    Elevate your business with Warehousing Pro’s Subscription Box Service. Perfect for companies with recurring kitting needs, this entails having our expert team pick, combine and securely pack items for your subscription boxes. We ensure timely shipments to your customers according to your specified schedule, whether weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Tour Pulls and Storage
    Warehousing Pro’s Tour Pulls and Storage service is designed for musicians, record labels and other businesses with touring merchandise or promotional items. You can depend on us to manage and meet your tour-related requirements, from storing your inventory in our 3PL warehouse to efficiently fulfilling orders for shirts, hats, vinyl records and more.
  • Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) Prep
    Warehousing Pro streamlines your FBA prep process, saving you time and ensuring compliance with Amazon’s strict guidelines. From receiving and inspecting products to labeling, bundling and packaging, our FBA prep services seamlessly prepare your products for Amazon FBA distribution centers. Let us handle the logistics so you can focus on growing your business.
  • Warehouse Storage Space for Rent
    Warehousing Pro ensures the secure and convenient storage of your goods. We can tailor our solutions to your requirements, whether you need several hundred feet of space or just a few pallet racks and whether you need to store your items for a few weeks or several months. With our warehouse storage service, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your products are well-protected and easily accessible when needed.
  • Cross-docking
    We provide a streamlined solution for businesses, minimizing storage time and optimizing outbound shipments. At our dedicated staging area, your inbound goods undergo efficient unloading and sorting, ensuring swift movement through our facility and prompt delivery to their destinations.
  • Container Devanning
    Efficient container devanning is the key to faster product availability, reducing inventory costs, and improving order fulfillment. At Warehousing Pro, our service ensures precise inventory control, allowing your business to operate smoothly and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Load Reworking
    This service prevents and addresses damaged and defective loads, helping our customers make the most of cargo space, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency. It addresses potential issues leading to shipment refusal, ensuring smooth operations. Businesses benefit from improved delivery times and competitive shipping rates, improving customer satisfaction.

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2600 Hart St, Nashville, TN 37207

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