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400 Gold Circle Suite 300. Dakota Dunes, SD 57049
Posted on: 04/01/2023
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Choose a Trusted and Dedicated Partner for Cold Storage
Highly experienced in the food storage industry, Vertical Cold Storage knows first-hand the critical role played by great warehousing and logistics capabilities when it comes to running a successful operation. With leading-edge technology and customer-centric service and collaboration, we can help you achieve all your business goals. For any questions, please send us a message online.

  • Multi-Temperature Storage:
    We feature state-of-art, temperature-controlled refrigerated warehouses with today’s best in warehouse technology and automation.
  • Food Grade Supply Chain:
    Our multi-temperature capabilities meet the most strict requirements for handling a wide variety of perishable foods.
  • Latest Technology:
    All of our cold chain processes are standardized, streamlined, and provide real-time reporting.
  • Advanced-Data Analytics:
    Our goal is to analyze and optimize your supply chain logistics. We use advanced metrics to drive continuous improvement while providing the business expertise you need.
  • USDA Inspection Services:
    All Vertical Cold Storage facilities comply with all government and USDA regulations.
  • EDI Capabilities:
    Our electronic data interchange capabilities save time and increase accuracy.
  • Real-Time Inventory Control:
    You can control and track your inventory in real-time and scheduled reports from anywhere, anytime.
  • Crossdocking Warehouse:
    Our temperature-controlled crossdocking services keep your inventory at the right temperature throughout the cold chain.
  • Food Safety:
    We use every means possible to minimize risks in food storage. Maintaining the safety of the food products is our top priority. Our skilled staff takes great care to create a safe environment and have advanced recall processes in place.
  • Our Commitment/Data-Driven Results:
    Get real-time access to vital data about your supply chain that is necessary to run your business efficiently.
  • Enterprising Experts:
    Work with entrepreneurial-driven professionals without the red tape involved with overly large cold storage providers.
  • Scalability:
    Whether you have less than truckload amounts or thousands of pallets of inventory, you will get service that matches your company’s needs seamlessly.
  • Customer Experience:
    Our logistics providers offer the highest standard of customer experience at every touchpoint. Regardless of your location and the size of your business, you will receive the same level of service.
  • Our Customer Service:
    No Hidden Costs: There are no hidden costs and no unwelcome surprises – the price quoted is what you pay.
  • Consolidation through Our Network:
    We have a solid cold storage network to offer consolidation.
  • Versatile Space:
    Different food products need to be stored at different temperatures. Our energy-efficient warehouses are designed to accommodate multiple temperature settings, and each room is monitored via specialized software.
  • USDA-Approved Warehouses:
    Each facility also complies with local, state, and national laws and USDA regulations.
  • Responsiveness:
    We might be one of the top refrigerated warehousing providers in the country, but our customer service is as responsive as that of a family-operated business. We help you spend less time on logistics by working closely with you to find the best solution.
  • Temperature Integrity:
    Our refrigerated warehouses maintain the proper temperatures to keep products fresh, but we go the extra mile: every corner of each facility has the same optimal conditions. From the moment a pallet enters our warehouse to the time it is loaded onto a truck, intermodal container, or railcar, it is all in a temperature-controlled space operated by expert handlers. Rest assured that there are absolutely no cold chain breaches at any point with Vertical Cold Storage solutions.
  • Advanced Cold Storage Solutions:
    We offer innovative solutions for the ever-changing food supply chain. Cutting-edge, automated cold storage solutions enable us to deal with growing challenges including price pressures, quality control, food safety, increased costs of energy, labor, transportation solutions, and other issues. We continuously seek better ways to deal with increasing demands for sustainabilityand labor challenges.

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400 Gold Circle Suite 300. Dakota Dunes, SD 57049

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