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Trilogy Warehouse Partners

Trilogy Warehouse Partners

Trilogy Warehouse Partners
104 North Main Street, St. Charles, MO 63301
Posted on: 05/29/2023
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Trilogy Warehouse Partners

Trilogy Warehouse Partners is committed to serving companies in St Louis and the Midwest as well as across the country with superior warehousing and logistics solutions. Our company is built on years of experience in logistics, supply chain management, warehousing and transportation. Combined, our company leaders have hundreds of years’ experience managing operations for major wholesalers, retailers, mass merchandisers, and manufacturers. As a third party logistics company, we are able to bring Fortune 500 level expertise to all size operations at an affordable price. No company’s logistics and warehousing needs are too large or too small for Trilogy.

  • Dry, Perishable, and Frozen Warehousing Services
    We have both Food Grade and non-food grade facilities in St. Louis and nationwide to handle all or a portion of your warehouse needs. Our staff is well versed in all aspects of the food storage supply chain; from system integrity to order accuracy, our experience in the food industry assures of customers that their goods will be handled with care in a professional and efficient manner. We also handle health care items, general merchandise, product packaging, and a variety of other products in our Facilities today. We have Facilities to handle dry, frozen, and perishable product; no matter what product you may be looking to warehouse, we have the Facility for you.
  • Long and Short Storage, Public and Dedicated Facilities
    Our contracts are as unique as our customers. We can provide long term and short-term solutions and public or dedicated facilities as your needs require. We can develop and build you a brand new Facility or simply allow you to be a tenant in one of our Facilities that we operate today.
  • Value Added Warehousing Services
    We provide value added services and supply chain management solutions such as assembly, packing, labeling, and kitting. We serve a variety of different industries supporting a wide array of customer marketing and promotional activity. Our programs are scalable; from a large weekly fulfillment project to supporting an annual sales meeting, we understand our customers’ needs and have the resources necessary to make their individual projects efficient and cost effective
  • Food Grade Warehouse Solutions
    Warehousing solutions for food distributors have to account for factors that do not apply to other types of logistics. Factors such as strict order accuracy, high SKU count, compliance issues, product recalls and temperature adherence are only just a few of the many challenges that customers face in the wide and varied Food Industry in the United States. We are equipped for both dry and temperature controlled storage, as well as other aspects of food storage and handling. All of our Facilities are managed via Industry Standard Warehouse Management Systems as well as being AIB inspected.
  • Retail Supply Chain Solutions
    Retailers and mass merchandisers rely on warehousing solutions to get goods to markets all across the country especially when timelines are tight and proper inventory is essential. We have the experts you need to provide logistics solutions no matter the size of your retail or wholesale business.
  • Consumer Goods Warehousing Services
    Logistics solutions for consumer goods often require an intimate knowledge of the many factors that contribute to a successful final delivery to the end customer. We supply everything from EDI set-up, service performance score card tracking, custom storage and shipping options, basically anything and everything that will be needed to assure your product arrives on time and accurate to your customer’s standards.
  • Packaging and Supply Warehousing Services
    We all need packaging and related supplies to ship our wares. However, where do packaging companies turn when they need logistics solutions? Trilogy Warehouse Partners handles many bulk packaging and supply distributors in St. Louis and the Midwest, and we are well equipped to work with your specific needs.
  • International Freight Forwarding
    We currently ship product to Asia, Central and South America, Europe, Mexico, Australia and Canada.
  • Consulting and Project Management
    For all of our freight shipping options, we offer consulting with our team of experts to help make sure the plan we design to move your freight or individual products accurately fits your business needs. We can help you with all details from route design to implementation at a competitive price while maintaining a superior on-time service level to the final customer.
  • Local Asset Based & National Third Party Freight Shipping
    We have built our freight solutions around our years of experience in shipping to a variety of customers throughout the United States and many throughout the globe. For local shipping, our own trucks and drivers make deliveries and pick up orders based on your specific requests. For national and international freight shipping and deliveries, we have long term contracts with trusted partners that allow us to serve any domestic or international markets that your customers reside in today. Combined, these offerings allow us to manage your freight shipping to international, national, and local destinations in a cost effective and efficient manner with a keen eye towards excellent on-time service performance.
    Truckload, Less than Truckload, and Parcel Shipping: We are able to offer various shipping arrangements to suit your needs from full truck loads down to single packages. Additionally, for smaller deliveries, we can maximize shipment size by consolidating shipments from other clients in order to drive cost savings, which we pass on to you.

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104 North Main Street, St. Charles, MO 63301

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