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Titan Cold Storage

Titan Cold Storage

Titan Cold Storage
6001 Snow Road, Bakersfield, CA 93308
Posted on: 03/01/2023
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Titan Cold Storage

Titan Cold Storage offers the best value adding temperature controlled warehousing and distribution services focused on serving both our local community and national corporations. We understand the effort and challenges a small business face to live out their dream and we are equally comfortable with the complexities of larger corporations. Our services are backed by an experienced and goal orientated team and technology with a singular focus on customer service, quality and long term relationships.

  • USDA Import & Export

All items inspected to ensure all produce is free from pests and diseases and certifying that products shipped meet the importing countries’ entry requirements.

  • On-site Fumigation

On-site treatment of produce to eliminate the risk of pests or disease from entering or leaving the facility. We’ve installed 4 high-speed fans that remove the gas from the building in less than five minutes. We can adjust the temperature in the room remotely ensuring product returns to the optimal storage temperature.

  • Stevedoring & Terminal Operations

Our top-notch team will take care of you with excellence and phenomenal service while you’re at our Tampa facility.

  • Cross Docking

We offer the unloading of materials straight from containers to incoming over the road trucks with little or no storage in between.

  • Container Drayage

Provides on port container drayage utilizing our fleet of Ottawa yard hustlers.

  • ISO tank Temperature Mode

Offers daily monitoring of refrigerated units to ensure the product remains at the desired temperature while plugged in at our facility.

  • Foreign Trade Zone

Duties are only paid when imported merchandise enters U.S. Customs territory. Goods may be held without payment of duty in an FTZ area until sold, allowing for improved cash flow.

  • Real-Time Inventory Control

Utilizes a web-based inventory control system. All products are scanned in/out. We provide our customers with real-time inventory and can automatically send reports based on customer needs.

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6001 Snow Road, Bakersfield, CA 93308

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