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R&S Warehousing Solutions

R&S Warehousing Solutions

R&S Warehousing Solutions
835 Epco Dr., Dandridge, TN 37725
Posted on: 02/03/2023
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R&S Warehousing Solutions

R&S Logistics has multiple warehousing and distribution facilities. Our Knoxville and East Tennessee warehouses have flexible floor plans, allowing us to meet our clients’ product requirements at any time. Our support staff and warehouse personnel are always available to our customers, providing immediate responses and solutions. Our warehousing and distribution solutions will fit your needs and save you time and money.

At each warehouse and distribution facility, R&S is well-equipped and our personnel are well-trained. We can handle anything from raw materials to finished goods to hazardous materials. We can also assist you with high-security or oversized/heavy items. On receipt, at regular intervals, and on shipment, you’ll receive superior service.

Advantages of R&S Logistics Fulfillment and Value-Added Services
SCALABILITY Some weeks your shipment volume is low, other times it can be tough keeping up. In-house fulfillment groups can fall victim to misaligned staffing levels. With R&S handling your fulfillment, scalability concerns are managed for you – we get it all done!

Space costs and materials. Faced with setting up a fulfillment operation from scratch? Budgeting both fixed assets and consumables? Carving out a corner on your production floor? We have the equipment and resources in place to handle fulfillment for a range of client needs.

Systems/software. Does your ERP have an advanced warehouse management module? With our state-of-the-art system, we can relieve product from your inventory, manage kitting, report on outbound shipments, and more. You get real time visibility to shipments/tracking.We receive customer orders electronically throughout the day.

Shipping efficiencies. Take advantage of our corporate accounts for best shipping results. Whether freight shipping (B2B) or parcel shipping (B2C), R&S has the systems and relationships in place to ensure smooth travel for your company’s products.

Logistics, Trucking and Transportation in Knoxville, TN
R&S Logistics is your single stop 3PL for trucking and transportation nationwide
Supply chain manager clients depend on R&S Logistics for timely and effective service in trucking out product and equipment quickly and efficiently. We’re proud of our high-touch, relationship-based approach to moving goods efficiently and safely.

✔ The Correct Product
✔ The Proper Packaging
✔ The Right Supporting Materials
✔ The Right Labels
✔ Shipped parcel or freight
Talk to your R&S rep about your unique fulfillment requirements– we’d like to help!

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835 Epco Dr., Dandridge, TN 37725

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