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1000 Charleston Regional Parkway, Charleston, SC 29492
Posted on: 11/17/2022
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Kontane’s history is a classic American success story founded on intuition, hard work, a commitment to clients and the strength and stability that comes from our dedicated, savvy team of employees, from forklift drivers to executives.

?       Warehousing | Distribution
We operate over two million square feet of space throughout the Southeast. All of our facilities are staffed with courteous and customer-focused personnel ready to receive, store and ship your valuable assets.

Our supply chain solutions are flexible and scalable, allowing you to only pay for the space you need. Whether it is just-in-time delivery to a manufacturing plant or a direct-to-consumer eCommerce order, Kontane Logistics has you covered. Our solutions are custom engineered to fit your needs for reliable service at a competitive cost. Let the Kontane team optimize your supply chain.

?       Cross Docking | Transloading
Every one of our facilities can cross-dock your material with precise attention paid to getting material as quickly as possible to its destination, reducing your handling, operating, and inventory costs. Additionally, all our facilities are well equipped to move your material from one mode of transportation to another and are designed to minimize handling.

?       Sequencing
Automotive logistics is our specialty. The delivery of parts to a manufacturing plant just-in-time (JIT) and just-in-sequence (JIS) is critical in today’s fast-paced world. Kontane Logistics’ sequencing program optimizes production efficiency, reduces parts storage space and other waste. We can also perform line-side delivery inside the OEM as needed.

?       Kitting | Repack
The picking and grouping of parts into kits at our facility allows your business to free up manufacturing space and streamline material flow, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Our services can include delivery to the point of use within the manufacturing plant. We have custom pick-to-light software installed to facilitate efficient and accurate kitting operations.

We also perform repacking services to eliminate cardboard from your manufacturing facility. Let us repack your product according to your plan-for-every-part. We will recycle all expendable packaging and deliver parts to the plant in returnable totes, racks and bulk bins. Our in-house repack software (K-Pack) streamlines label printing, PFEP management and work orders.

?       Returnable Container Management
It is critical to have the proper amounts of returnable packaging at supplier locations to ensure on time deliveries. Our team can help streamline the returnable container loop. We will sort and segregate consolidated trailers by container type and supplier destination. We will remove the labels and debris and then knock down the containers for shipping. Cleaning and washing services can also be provided to adhere to your cleanliness specifications.

?       Aftermarket Packaging
We have decades of proven experience in the aftermarket field. Whether it is corrugated, cardboard or crates, we can and have done it all.

?       Custom Crating | Export Packaging
Our Packaging division can custom design KD-HT certified wooden crates and skids for your export material. We can crate in our facility or send a team to you for on-site packaging. We also provide a variety of automotive CKD and SKD export packaging solutions.

?       Foreign Trade Zone
Kontane Logistics operates an active Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) in our Charleston, SC facility where we serve customers using the Port of Charleston. Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ’s) are restricted access sites that allow businesses to store and process goods, raw materials, or finished product duty and quota free until they are transported into the Customs territory of the United States. Since FTZ’s are considered outside the commerce of the United States, we can facilitate financial and logistical platforms that create fiscal benefits for your organization, and your clients.

?       Order Fulfillment
Kontane Logistics offers a range of innovative fulfillment services to improve supply chain productivity. We cover it all, from full truckload wholesale orders to small parcel UPS/FedEx eCommerce orders. We can help improve inventory control and customer service, freeing the customer to focus on its core business.

Let us pick, pack and ship your eCommerce internet orders with our direct-to-consumer platform. Our WMS is linked to UPS and FedEx to ensure accurate shipping info and streamlined label printing. We can also integrate with your website shopping cart to automatically download orders for picking and verify stock status for product availability. This results in efficient operations, reduced costs and accurate order fulfillment.


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1000 Charleston Regional Parkway, Charleston, SC 29492

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