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Commercial Warehouse & Cartage Inc

Commercial Warehouse & Cartage Inc

Commercial Warehouse & Cartage Inc
3402 Meyer Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46803
Posted on: 02/03/2023
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Commercial Warehouse & Cartage Inc

The CWC team will be known as a top quality provider of logistical and support services throughout the United States. We will achieve superior results by anticipating and responding quickly to our customer’s needs. We will accomplish these results with our competent and professional team members. Customer satisfaction and team member commitment, combined with a fair rate of return, will ensure CWC’s continued growth.

We believe in doing what is right for our client, employees and the company! We operate a lean and well organized environment with the highest levels of safety and efficiency. All decisions are made with the utmost integrity, which flows throughout our entire organization, and we stand behind our commitments with unwavering moral and ethical standards!

  • Fulfillment & Distribution
    Our inventory and management system lets us provide top-notch fulfillment and distribution services for you. From storing and tracking inventory to packaging and shipping, we offer the best option for you to outsource this important function. Let the pros handle it.
  • Drop Shipping
    We take care of all of your drop shipping by managing your inventory and carefully addressing one-off orders, so your drop-ship customers get the right product on time.
  • Kitting
    Kitting is second nature to us. We can bundle multiple inventory items into one set so that products arrive with all necessary parts and accessories.
  • Just In Time (JIT)
    Our technology and know-how allow us to get your goods to you as they are needed in production, so you don’t have delays, and you can store only the amount of inventory you need for a production run.
  • Sorting
    Our automated sorting system puts products where they belong without fail. No more mix-ups in your orders. We will do the sorting for you.
  • Exporting – Loading, Bracing, Blocking, Building
    We are experts at preparing loads for shipment, so that they are braced and blocked for stability.
  • Consolidation / De-Consolidation
    Let us combine several smaller orders into one so they qualify for bulk rates, or, if you prefer, we can break large orders into smaller shipments so each part of the order may be checked.
  • Labeling
    You can have labeling for all elements in your shipment so they can be easily sorted, stored, and used.
  • Sub-Assembly / Lite Assembly / Final Assembly
    We provide sub assembly of components, and can even provide increasingly complex assembly services all the way up to the final product.
  • Display Assembly (Pallet, Retail, End Caps, Aisles)
    Count on your displays to look their best when we put them together for you. We handle all types of displays so your products will shine.
  • Cross Docking
    Our facilities allow for cross docking. We can unload your inventory, products, or materials from vehicles, placing them immediately on outbound vehicles without storing them. You save on warehousing costs, and your order arrives on time.
  • Expedited and Same Day Processing
    You can provide fast shipping to your customers, knowing that we have the personnel and equipment to process and ship your orders the same day we receive your instructions
  • Pick Pack
    We will locate and pull your products for you, with accuracy and speed, because our warehouse management system tracks the location of your inventory and our packers are experts at preparing products for shipment.
  • Packaging Transfer
    We can move packaging to production areas for you.
  • Returnable Packaging Processing
    When you have containers, shipping racks, and pallets that you want to use repeatedly, we can accept and store them for you. They will be available when you are ready to ship your next order.

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3402 Meyer Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46803

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