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AIP Logistics Inc

AIP Logistics Inc

AIP Logistics Inc
300 Industrial Dr, Wapakoneta, OH 45895
Posted on: 05/31/2023
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AIP Logistics Inc

Cold Storage
We strive to meet all of our customer’s needs. It is using this philosophy that we added Food and Industrial cold storage warehouses to our campus.
Dry Storage
We believe in classes and grades of space relative to product requirements. We segregate products of like requirements within the appropriate building.

  • Capacity
    70,000 square feet of refrigerated warehouse storage
  • Cooling
    Modern, reliable cooling systems to protect and store your product
  • Monitoring
    24/7 monitoring systems that ensure temperature ranges remain constant and meet customer requirements
  • Dry Storage
    We believe in classes and grades of space relative to product requirements. We segregate products of like requirements within the appropriate building.
    540,000 square feet of storage space that is guaranteed to meet your dry storage needs.
  • Racking
    Capable of racking based on product type
  • Sprinkler Systems
    Modern ESFR systems to protect our customer and their products
  • Monitoring
    Controlled temperatures, controlled access and security cameras protect the customer’s product
  • Lift Capabilities
    A variety of lifts and attachments available to safely handle the customer’s product
  • Storage – Food Grade
    Inspected, certified and monitored storage for customer confidence.
  • Audited
    Click here for most recent audit results.
  • Cooler
    Adjustable temperature with 24/7 monitoring
  • Protected
    Building constructed to not drop below 40 degrees
  • Capacity
    50,000 square feet of food grade warehouse storage
  • Transloading
    We’ve got you covered providing transloading to/from tank cars, tanks, trailers, box cars and covered hopper cars
  • AIP’s operation
    At AIP we have experienced staff, the most efficient equipment, safe facilities and analysis laboratories to handle your bulk product storage needs.
  • Experienced Staff
    The skills and procedures necessary for the safe handling of commodities is an important part of our training and our service
  • Equipment
    Pumps, boiler, air compressors, track mobile, fillers, tippers, blowers, and scales are all components of AIP’s operation
  • Facilities
    Our facilities for transloading are constructed for the safety of our employees and the environment
  • Laboratory
    Available for sampling and basic analysis of product
  • Storage Tanks
    Bulk liquid storage available for advantageous purchasing or rail equipment utilization
    265,000 gallons of storage capacity in 5 tanks to accommodate customer’s bulk liquid storage needs. Need more? AIP will work with any customer to install additional tankage with a contract.
  • Stainless Steel Tanks
    Tanks are constructed to be compatible with almost all liquid products
  • Steam Jacketed
    Tanks equip with boiler to heat and maintain temperature ranges
  • SS Piping
    All tank systems are welded with SS piping
  • Bulk Packaging
    Ability to empty or fill drums, totes, or gaylords with liquids or plastics has been a viable option for our customers
  • Transloading
    Filling, emptying, labeling, and weighting – on the spot or contract, we are able to tailor a program to fit your needs
  • Equipment
    SS components and a variety of pumps available to handle any product
  • Working Space
    We have the space needed to package, store and deliver your product
  • Inventory Control
    WMS inventory controls and barcode labeling to accurately manage your product
  • Flexibility
    We handle on the spot requests and will do our best to accommodate all of your bulk packaging needs
  • Rail Yard
    Rail accessibility is a key factor in ensuring we provide seamless bulk terminal services to our customers
    Our campus is located directly on the CSX railroad and equipped to store, load and unload rail cars as efficiently as possible.
  • Switching Capability
    Company owned switcher plays an integral part in moving cars at the appropriate time
  • CSX Railroad
    Located on the CSX railroad, we consider CSX to be an important partner in our offerings
  • Storage
    70 spots available for rail transloading and storage
  • Indoor Rail Access
    An indoor track is available to safely and securely unload boxcars for commodities that have temperature & moisture requirements

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300 Industrial Dr, Wapakoneta, OH 45895

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