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Longhorn Truck Repair

Longhorn Truck Repair

Longhorn Truck Repair
207 W. Richey Rd, Houston, TX
Category: Truck Repair
Posted on: 10/16/2020
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Our website “Longhorn Truck Tires.com” is a platform for transportation services mainly truck tires and road services. We mainly deal in new tires but our specialty includes used tires, tire repair, new and used wheels, shocks and brakes. We have an extensive stock of truck tires because we deal with top brand manufacturers. Whether you have a Dually truck, Box Truck, Bus, RV, or an 18-wheeler truck, our stock can comply your needs. We have a wide range of products starting from economy all the way up-to premium priced products ensuring that we have products for every type of budget.

We also provide 24-hour road services which come in handy for commercial trucks in case of emergency. We provide this service over a 100-mile radius from our shop and we try our level best to get you back on the road as soon as possible. In addition, we also provide facilities such as on-site fleet services, yard checks, and mounted tire programs. Apart from that we also specialize in various repair services.

If your wheels and tires are in a pretty bad condition and you have a strained budget not allowing to afford a change, no worries folks, we have a special financing program that will get you the tires you need today so that you can get back on the road ASAP and worry about paying later. Please call us and ask about how we can get you 0% interest free financing on your purchases.

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  •  Mobile Service
  •  Towing Service
  •  Truck Repairs
  •  Trailer Repairs
  •  Tire Repairs
  •  RV Repairs
  •  Bus Repairs
  •  Computer Diagnostics
  •  Electrical Repair
  •  Suspension
  •  Hydraulics
  •  Brakes & Air
  •  Engine Repair
  •  Welding Service
  •  Mobile Welding
  •  PM Service
  •  Oil Change & Lube
  •  Fleet Maintenance
  •  Mobile Maintenance
  •  DOT Inspections
  •  DPF Cleaning
  •  New Tires
  • Used Tires
  •  Jump Starts
  •  Fuel Delivery
  •  Lockout Service
  •  Load Shifts

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207 W. Richey Rd, Houston, TX

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