Truck repair

The industry may have been facing issues recently as the COVID-19 crisis hit the industry, but trucks are nevertheless back on track like before. Much has been addressed in modern times about hurdles faced by truckers in the United States.

Truck & Trailer repair

Sometimes, driving an over-the-road truck can be dismal but with adequate assistance, it is a joy. Wages for many truckers have recouped.

Truck driving is laborious. It also remains a very significant job for the growth of the economy. If trucks are actuating more freight, that means the industry is more productive and making more money. Therefore trucking is America’s number one concern and business opportunity today.

Trucks Touch Everything

Rail transportation has been growing over the years. However, commercial trucks still move the major share of goods and supplies. Statistics prove this industry’s dominance even in recent times of intermodal freight transportation and air cargo transportation.

Resistant Workforce

Trucking has been resistant to some of the biggest forces influencing the workforce namely automation and offshoring. Driving a truck over the Interstate cannot be outsourced and self-driving technologies are yet to capture the job.

Trucking Drives the Economy

Economists view trucking as a key to the United States’ overall economic well-being. When more trucks are moving and freight rates are expanding, consumers spend more, and retailers and manufacturers add to their stocks. Lately, consumer confidence as well as employment rates are on the higher side.

Trucking is a Business on the Move

Trucking relives the American Dream. Owning and running a single truck or a small fleet remains the most prevalent course to business ownership. Trucking is an industry made up of small businesses, with a majority of motor carriers operating fewer trucks. The fact is that many of America’s small business entrepreneurs are truckers.

Trucking Earns Better

When confronted with U.S. household average income, driving a truck remains a reasonable way to make a living. Trucking remains a sturdy, middle-class living, but there is concern about the industry’s wage growth and ability to recruit competent workers.

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