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It is very important to perform a pre-trip inspection before you start your trip. It is essential to ensure that everything is functioning smoothly.

Through this, you can avoid issues while you are on the road. You can solve the problems before you start your trip. Usually, a pre-trip inspection takes around 15 minutes.
As per federal law, every truck driver has to submit a daily report after performing a pre-trip inspection. You have to check the service brakes, parking brakes, wheels, rims, tires, and other parts.

Steps to include in a pre-trip inspection

Truck repair

1. You have to check the paperwork. Ensure that the railer number and the destination. You have to confirm the products in your trailer with the items mentioned in the bill before you start your trip.
2. Next, check the front and back portion of your truck. You have to ensure that the wiring, suspension, brakes, tires, slack adjusters, and other parts are functioning smoothly. For instance, when it comes to brakes, make sure that there is no grease in the brake chambers. For tires, you have to verify that it is inflated.
3. After entering the truck, you have to adjust the mirrors. You have to check the windshield wiper, horn, seat belt, and other parts. If you find any issues, it is best to rectify them before starting your journey.
4. Since your truck has a trailer, you have to ensure its safety while driving. You can perform a tug test for that matter.
5. Next, you have to check the bulkhead in the front portion of your truck. You have to ensure that the sides of the trailer and tandems do not have any issues.
6. Finally, after conducting all the inspections, including checking the passenger side, you can start your trip safely.
These are the steps that can assist you while performing a pre-trip inspection. With Dial EnSearch, you can have a safe trip and find the best truck stops for you to rest.

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