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When driving for hours, you may encounter pain and discomfort to your body due to being unable to change positions. Many owner-operators and fleet contractors buy or hire the type of truck that best meet their requirements. Sometimes company drivers rely on fleet trucks that may not suit them well. So it is particularly crucial to set yourself up before starting a trip. For all drivers, the cabin must be aligned suitably so you can reach the pedals and controls, have ample headroom, sit comfortably to see out the front and side and move the steering wheel without extending the arms awkwardly.


Optimize your cabin

Seat Height and Position

Lift the seat high to a sufficient height. This height will optimize your vision through the front as well as side windows. Make sure that you have enough room between the roof and the top of your head. Adjust the mirrors once you have set the seat right. Move the seat forward to a position where you can easily push and shift the pedals through their full range with your whole foot. Readjust the seat height to get better control of the pedals.

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Steering Wheel

Tilt the steering wheel and make sure it is aligned to your chest, not your head and neck or your stomach. Besides, your arms should be in a comfortable position in alignment to the rest of the body.


While in the driving position, raise the headrest till it is level with the top of your head. Adjust the head restraint until it is practically in contact with the back of your head when you are in your driving posture.

Lumbar Support

Adjust the lumbar support until you feel a balanced pressure along your back from the hips to shoulder. The driver in a lean position should not feel any gap between the back and the lumbar support on the seat.


Adjust the backrest until it supports your whole back when you are sitting straight. If you are sitting too far back, you may end up bending your head and neck forward, which may cause muscle fatigue.You may have to check these little things to optimize the way your truck cabin needs to be. You should be able to move and operate all of the controls of your vehicle and have ample vision of the road.

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