Speed up your workday, save money, and deliver your logistics business more efficiently with cross-docking. Agility and performance are more important than anything else in logistics.

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Unlike traditional warehousing, cross-docking is an indispensable intermediate process of the supply chain, where the goods dispatched by a supplier are distributed through outbound trucks with minimum or no requirement of a warehouse.


Cross-docking services utilize a centre that enables retailers to provide for customer requirements and enhance their competitive edge.


In contrast to the traditional methods, cross-docking enables companies to connect with more number of destinations with the least number of shipments.


Cross-docking is a time saver


Cross-docking services decrease the time it takes to ship the freight.

By incorporating a cross-dock into your supply chain, you can ship orders immediately after it’s placed. The freight arrives at the cross-dock, where it is quickly moved from the inbound truck to the outbound truck for final delivery. This takes less than a day’s time.


Cross-docking is cost-effective


Cross-dock saves you more than time. It cuts your overall expense of warehousing. Any e-retailer would agree on the fact that warehousing space costs them the most. Inventory storage costs a significant share of the transportation budget. Cross-docking reduces most of the transportation costs of storage by shipping items directly and immediately after order and delivering to the customer as fast as possible.


Increase Efficiency with Cross-docking


Cross-dock services also improve a supply chain’s overall productivity by allowing consigners to ship full truckloads to a particular cross-dock for distribution and reducing touch points between pickup and delivery.


Decrease Risk


Cross-docking streamlines several processes within the supply chain, hence reducing the amount of human interactions that take place. Every time a human touches a shipment the risk that an error may occur increases. The freight is removed from the inbound truck that docks at the cross-dock, which is then screened, and carried to the outbound truck using a conveyor belt, forklift or automated warehousing system for the final delivery to the customer. Because cross-docking actions are planned to be as precise and risk-free as possible with minimal human interaction, operator faults are lessened while shifting inventory in and out of storage.


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