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Covid-19 has created an impact in the trucking industry. The implementation of lockdown measures had affected the trucking industry drastically.

Previously, the CEO of the American Trucking Association stated about the decrease in truckers in the US. The shortage of truck drivers before the implementation of lockdown measures in 2020 was 61,000. He said that it has become worse with the outbreak of the coronavirus.

However, several truck drivers were working assiduously during the lockdown period. They focused on delivering groceries to different parts of the US. As per the data, the drivers who took part in nationwide deliveries saw a surge in their salaries.

Another aspect to consider is that the National Tank Truck Carrier Trade Group reported a shortage of truck drivers. The demand for truck drivers is increasing with every passing day, and they mention that it would continue to surge in the coming years.

Apart from the impact of Covid-19, there are other reasons as well that results in this shortage. One of the noticeable problems is the increase in the number of retiring truck drivers.

Another reason is the shutting down of businesses. As per research, there has been a shift to online shopping, and the eCommerce industry had grown by 20% in 2020.

As the economy starts to flourish, the trucking industry will be the first one to show prospects. The primary reason is that trucks are an essential part of the supply chain. So, the demand for truck drivers would also increase.

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Youngsters can consider trucking as an excellent career option. It is because of the increase in the number of opportunities and possibilities. Since there is a high demand for truckers, you can excel if you have the right skills.

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