Truck Service in USA

Truck drivers may be tempted to stay out on the road longer, or sometimes faster, to earn more business. There is a downside to these efforts as it may affect fuel efficiency and ultimately cause higher fuel costs. As the operator of the truck, you have to figure out a profitable way out of rising fuel prices and trucking demand.

Truck and trailer repair in USA

Make use of the technology
New technology is steadily rising with measures to boost fuel efficiency. Drivers should have the best technology you can afford on your truck. Make sure your vehicle is well maintained and services according to the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals. A well-maintained truck moves more efficiently, saves fuel, and also increases the life of the vehicle.

Wheel, weight and Wear
Anytime your truck is in movement it is confronting several different retardation factors working against it and affecting fuel efficiency. This includes resistance from a rolling tire, air resistance, or the gravitational resistance. Make sure your tires are inflated according to tire or vehicle specifications. Check for the wheel alignment which can cause wear if left ignored. Weight is also a big factor to consider. Make sure you are not carrying an excessive weight which can cost you more fuel in moving.

Balance Speed
One of the best ways to improve your fuel efficiency is to avoid unnecessary speed. Although there are speed limits you may be tempted to put the pedal down at remote stretches of the highway. Different vehicles have their ideal speeds at highways, both allowed and endorsed by the standards.

Good Driving Habits
Improving on how you operate the truck will have the most substantial bearing on fuel economy. Drivers should practise good driving habits, which most of them have naturally as they love what they do. Commercial vehicle driving depends on a lot of external operational factors besides the love of drive. Keep your RPMs low and stay in the highest gear possible or use cruise control on long distances. Maintain the smooth and consistent running of the engine.

Truck Service in USA

Idle time
Try to avoid running your engines while parked unless there is some reason to do so. Turn the engine off if it is going to be stopped for more than 10 minutes. It is probably better to shut it down to save fuel as well as to give it cool off. With fuel being the major liability for truck driver these days it is important to find ways to reduce that cost and keep your business running effectively.

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